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Manicure Salon In Shalimar Bagh. Manicure Services

Manicure salon in Shalimar Bagh. Beauty services


Best manicure salon in ShalimarBagh. Enhance your beauty with elegant shape and glow. Book your appointment for manicure services. we offer different kinds of manicures.


A manicure is a beauty treatment of nails and hands. It is the process of beauty that enhances your beauty. Manicure are a beauty treatment for your hands and nails. They involve a variety of techniques to improve the look and feel of your nails and skin. This includes trimming, shaping and filing your nails, as well as taking care of your cuticles, moisturizing and polishing them.

 A manicure is more than just pretty nails. It’s an act of self-care that pamper your hands and nails and leaves you feeling fresh and polished. A manicure is a transformative beauty treatment that has evolved over the centuries, combining artistry, wellness, and personality into one beautiful experience. suppose you find the best salon for the manicure process. We have the best solution for your manicure process. Simran Gambhir Makeovers is the best salon for all types of manicure services. Visit simran Gambhir Salon and enjoy our manicure services at an affordable price.


Types of Manicure

  • Basic or Regular manicure: Trim and shape your nails, take care of your cuticles, get a hand massage and apply your manicure polish.
  •  French manicure: French manicure is a classic manicure where your nails are painted in a sheer pink, beige or white base with white tips.
  •  Gel manicure: A gel manicure is an acrylic or artificial manicure that is applied under UV light for a longer-lasting finish. 
  • Artificial Nail manicure: This is a manicure where artificial nails are applied to your natural nails to make them longer and stronger. 
  • Spa manicure: A spa or luxury manicure is a more indulgent manicure that includes exfoliation and mask, extended massage for your hands and arms.


Benefits of Manicure

  • Maintaining your nails properly can make a huge difference in your overall health and appearance. 
  • Regular manicures help keep your nails in good shape and prevent them from splitting or breaking. 
  • Cleaning your nails and cleaning and disinfecting your tools can help keep them clean and healthy. 
  • Massaging your hands and arms during your manicure can also help reduce stress and improve blood circulation. This not only helps your hands but also your overall well-being.
  •  A manicure can make a big difference in your self-esteem. It can give you a sense of professionalism and confidence.
  •  It can also help you build stronger and healthier nails.
  •  Maintaining good nail care, such as moisturizing your nails and taking care of your cuticles, can help you look and feel your best.



A manicure isn’t just about adding a touch of polish to your nails. A manicure is a holistic experience that includes self-care and beauty, as well as relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a quick DIY manicure or a full-on spa treatment, you’ll leave your hands looking beautiful and feeling refreshed. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself!


Why You Should Choose Us?

  • We have highly skilled experts for your manicure services
  • We always use high-quality product and chemical-free products.
  • We provide the best manicure treatment with an affordable range.




Welcome to Simran Gambhir Makeovers, where beauty meets artistry. I am Simran Gambhir, a passionate and certified makeup artist dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and helping you feel your absolute best on special occasions.

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