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Permanent Hair Extensions Salon In Delhi

Permanent Hair Extensions Salon In Delhi | Permanent Hair Extensions In Delhi


Permanent Hair Extensions In Delhi By Simran Gambhir Makeover at A reasonable price. We have experienced Hair artists and hair Experts who give your hair a new stylish look.



Natural human hair is used to create permanent hair extensions in Delhi, which come in a wide range of colors and hairstyles. Hair extensions are the best option for getting long, thick hair that looks natural. They are reasonably priced and very easy to add or remove. By using hair extensions in Delhi you can get the hair you want without damaging your natural hair. You can get the highest quality hair extensions available worldwide at Simran Gambhir Makeover Salon. Our flawless hair products have helped us establish our name, and our consumers know they are investing in long-lasting hair.



Permanet hair extension in delhi 


Where can I get a good hair extension service and that too in Delhi?


If you are looking for a professional and trusted salon then Simran Gambhir Makeover is the best choice.


Hair Extensions;  Simran Gambhir Makeover offers you permanent hair extensions that meet various hair goals. Whether you're looking to add length, volume or both, our extensions are natural and won't cause you any harm.


Experienced Experts: Our salon has a team of skilled extension experts who are excellent in the art of applying hair extensions. They carefully blend the extensions in with your natural hair.


Hair check:  As we know that everyone's hair color and length is different and after understanding them, we straighten the extensions.


High quality extensions: High quality hair extensions are used in Simran Gambhir makeover and extensions are applied keeping in mind your natural hair so that it does not harm your hair, and Simran Gambhir gets natural extensions done at the salon. so that extensions are not visible in your natural hair


Long Lasting Results: Our extensions are designed to provide long lasting results. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your grown out hair for a long time.


provides high-quality extensions, adaptability, and long-lasting effects.Simran Gambhir Makeover, provides permanent hair extension services in Delhi you can contact Simarn Gambhir Makeover



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What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?


There are many varieties of permanent hair extensions available, each with a unique application technique. Every person's hair type, color, thickness and style is different. Because of this, an extension may be effective for one person but not necessarily for another.Types of hair extensions


These extensions provide you the opportunity to alter your hair's appearance and style without causing any harm. They consist of:


  • Temporary: worn and removed every day or every week. Ideal for situations requiring huge hairpieces. These consist of clip-ins and ponytails. 



  • Semi-permanent: When worn, the extensions are tiny and imperceptible.



  • Permanent: they consist of micro or nano rings and are worn consistently for a longer amount of time.



Our range of real human hair extensions are available in a variety of colors with different lengths and to choose from:



1.Tape-in Hair extensions - These semi-permanent hair extensions are pre-taped and placed on your hair using tape. These are undetectable and invisible as they are very naturally occurring effects and do not cause any harm to your hair if removed by a professional.



Tape-in Hair extensions


2. Clip -ins Hair extensions -Temporary clip-in wefts are simple to put and take out of hair extensions. Clip-in wefts are often sections of hair with clips sewed in place at the base using fabric or silicone. This kind of extension can encourage the development of natural hair and requires less maintenance. If taken care of, the extensions can last up to six months; nevertheless, regular wear is required.


Clip -ins Hair extensions


3. Pre-bonded Hair extensions- Pre-bonded extensions, also known as keratin or fusion bonds, are semi-permanent hair extensions that are bonded to natural hair using keratin glue and resin, and require specialist application due to caution.


Pre-bonded Hair extensions

4. Micro-rings Hair extensions - Micro-rings are discreet extensions using silicon-lined metal rings, requiring no glue or heat. Natural hair is looped between the rings, closed with pliers. Not suitable for fine or light blonde hair, oily hair, and darker colors or medium to thick hair types.


Micro-rings Hair extensions 


5. Weave Hair extensions- This hair extension technique uses micro rings to attach natural hair to rows, securing it with a thread and needle. It's best for thicker hair and takes up to an hour. Experienced stylists are recommended. Deep conditioning hair products and protein products are recommended to minimize damage.


Weave Hair extensions



Why Choose Simran Gambhir Makeovers For Permanent Hair Extensions Salon In Delhi ? 


We have been in the hair extensions and beauty services industry for more than five years. 

We have a professional team of Permanent Hair Extensions In Delhi.

We offer a wide range of Permanent Hair Extensions services at an affordable price. 

We have more than 1000+ happy customers. 

We use only professional and original products.


Contact Simran  Gambhir Makeover For Hair ,Makeup And Skin Care Treatment

You Can Contact Us Via Call:- 9873497929
WhatsApp:- 9090023100

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